How does /xrescue work?


SUBTIL /XRESCUE is an exclusive protocol that prevents hair fiber loss during chemical procedures. A real technological breakthrough, KERATRIX, a 3D Matrix Technology, acts like a poultice on the fiber’s surface, injecting its active ingredients into the cortex to protect and rebuild deep down.

Its conditioning cationic polymer, selected for its exceptional affinity for hair and strong ability to withstand extreme pH conditions, bleaching agents and hydrogen peroxide, is combined with plant proteins for excellent healing results.

This exceptional formula leaves hair luxuriously soft. Resilient and supple again, the hair glows like never before.

A special affinity for effective active ingredients, injected into the cortex.

elasticity / strength / flexibility / luxurious softness / unparalleled shine

repairing performance

Keratrix, the ingredient that makes all the difference

  1. Visually, the structure of KERATRIX MATRICE 3D is like a plant compress soaked with active ingredients that produce the results of SUBTIL /XRESCUE :

    • Stronger, more elastic hair fibers
    • Protection from heat and mechanical stress
    • Long-lasting moisturizing
  2. Left unprotected during hair coloring and color removal, the internal and external structures of the hair become quickly damaged. With KERATRIX MATRICE 3D, protective and strengthening elements keep the bonds intact. Better protected from within, and fully repaired on the surface, the hair regains its original beauty.

a real technological breakthrough

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